Obama : A New Hope

2009, 20th January would be the most historical day on United States of America, a young african-america, un-exprienced one, is trusted to rule the whole nation, the strongest nation on earth.. His name is Barrack Hussein Obama, and he is the last hope, the last light of the never ending darkness in this world.. Well, at least that is what i and most people think.. The weight of all world’s problem is on his shoulder..

Obama is not a biblical kind of prophet, who God given powers to bring peace and miracle, he is just an ordinary guy with a charming and lovely looks and idea, smart, and of course an outstanding leadership skill.. He charms everyone, not only in United States, but also every single person in this earth, by using the word, ‘CHANGE’.. That was what he promised.. He want to CHANGE the face of United States, from a War Alcoholic into a Friendly Diplomacy one.. He want to CHANGE the uncontrollable economics system into a more moderate liberalistic system with government control.. He’s willing to change the taxes system so it will be more supportive for the middle and below classes.. And he promised to work on and maintain the World’s peace, especially on Middle East.. After all that he has promised to us, how can you not fall for him.. He transform himself into a ‘Prophet’-kind of leader, a person where everyone is hoping for a solution and a better life..

On his first day on the Oval’s, Obama set a priority on shutting down the Guantanamo prison (which built to kept the war captive from Iraq and Afghanistan), trying to working on the Middle East’s peace, and stabilizing economics with second stimulation packet that worth about US$850 billion.. Obama is struggling to overcome the problems Bush left, a ton of problems.. The war, the global financial crisis, the bigger deficit gap, the unsupportive role on global warming issue, the stereotyping to and from Islamic world, and many more.. No wonder Bush is ‘awarded’ as the worst President that United States ever had..

So little time, so much to do for Obama.. On his next five years in the Ovals, can he solve all the problems? I would said impossible, it will take longer than that.. And even Obama himself said it that impossible to regain United States economic strength in just five years, but he promised he will build a better fundamental economic.. But how about another issues? I believe in Obama’s hand, United States will be much more supportive on Global Warming issue, and he will undoubtedly put an effort to done it by supporting a research and development of a nature-friendly source of energy.. On the war issues, i won’t put my hope too high that the war will soon be over.. Maybe he will pull out all soldiers from Iraq, but on my personal opinion, he will add some more to Afghanistan, cause that is what he said on the debate, that United States need to focus on capturing Osama bin Laden, not engaging in another pointless war like Iraq.. The message is clear, the war is continuing on Afghanistan.. A better progress would be seen on United States bilateral with its ‘Nemesis’ like Cuba, Libya, Iran, and Venezuela, cause Obama is trying to show the world, that United States is in its ‘Friendly-mode” again, a smiling diplomacy, and no wonder why leaders like Raul Castro, Qhadafi, Ahmadinejad, and Hugo Chavez is willing to talk to Obama face to face discussing about the future of the bilateral, although they hate United States to their death.. Obama’s charming has reached and moved them..

So, how about my lovely country, Indonesia ? Do Obama will affect much on the bilateral cooperation or on another aspect of life in here? As we know, Obama was lived here, spent his childhood, about 3-4 years.. The answers, based on my opinion, is a BIG NO!!!! Obama will too busy to overcome the financial crisis within the United States, he will be too busy to work on the sensitive and crucial issue like Middle East or Guantanamo, or maybe reshaping US image to the world, so he won’t have time to think about a minor country like Indonesia, which un-significant to United States.. A personal historical attachment when he was child with Indonesia will be easily forgotten, cause it doesn’t related to US interest.. As easy as that..

Although i’m not an American, i have several hopes to Obama :

Make the US financial state healthier again, so it will affect the global financial state positively.. Global financial crisis is roots on US’s financial problem.. And i believe if US regain its economic strength again, so do another countries, like Indonesia..

Be neutral on Israel and Palestine’s conflict, cause i’m sick watching how US become too supportive on Israel, although Israel is killing Palestinian without a reason.. And i believe peace won’t be made that way.. If US can neutral on this conflict, and more supportive on every UN’s resolution of peace, Middle East will be the most beautiful places on earth..

Be more supportive on Global Warming issue, cause US can’t pretend that it isn’t happening.. US is one of the largest producing carbon dioxide country, and because of that, US need to be involved and responsible to prevent the chaotic and extreme effect..

Stop war.. no more war for whatever reasons.. There is always a better way than killing and destroying, like diplomacy and understanding..

Be more supportive on the Third World Countries, cause on my opinion, US is often taking chances to suppress the Third World Countries by using its financial and military forces.. We can’t live peacefully, side by side, if it always happen..

So, Obama, would u make US a better place for everyone, for every races and religion ? Would u make US as the peace keeper ? Would u make US the most neutral country on earth ? Would u make it stronger, not by military or financially, but by building diplomacy with every country?

Cause, if you do, you are really an angel..



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