You Can’t Be Something That You are Not..

You can not be something you are not..

Taken from “Walk” by Pantera, these line, somehow attracts me to write something about it..

“You can not be something you are not”, a strong and simple sentence, but defines most of human problematic issues recently, where most people acts and react differently from what their roles demand them to..

Selfish, the thirst of attention, the need of arrogance, surge of power, are the factors that push and drive people to be someone that they are not, crossing the role that they are supposed to play.. The role where sincerity, patience, and dreams are the most important factors, indeed..

Have you ever meet someone that you think, the worst role-player in the world? someone who crossing the line too far? someone who acts opposite from what he/she should be?

Well, i have.. And those persons are the reason why i pick this topic..

From my peer groups, social environment, or even my Indonesian fellow, i often meet those peoples.. I define them with many labels at first, Spender, Hypocrite, Stupid, Arrogant, before i realize they are just not good enough playing their own role, role that social environment gives to them..

I have met poor people who acts wealthy..
I have met an idiotic mind acting smartass..
I have met student who act like street fighters..
I have met mother who acts like a teenager, neglecting her own childs..
I have met father who acts like police, controlling everything..
I have met teacher who acts like kindergarten kids, not adorable and respectable..
I have met customer service who acts like he owns the company..
I have met security who acts no different than a high-ranked soldier..
I have met soldier who acts like gangster..
I have met gangster who acts like cops..
I have met cop who acts like beggar..
I have met beggar who acts like boss..
And i have met boss, who acts like me, no one but pretending to be someone, nothing but pretending to be something, unrespected, and unadorable, but demand everyhing..
Finally, I have met myself, who acts like not me.. ^^..

The problem start with “Incongruency between the role that you are supposed to play, and the role that you are playing”, and the result is always P-R-O-B-L-E-M.. Undoubtly…
Every single time you are pretending to be someone that you are not, you are having and building all those problems and lies, just to suffice your personal ego satisfaction, and yet in the end, it will result in more problems and lies..

Remember, you can not be something that you are not.. Can you imagine when a poor people acts like a wealthy person, using all that credit cards, slide it to puchase unuseful stuffs, eat at expensive cafe and restaurant? Ok, i admit it, it will bring undescribed personal ego satisfaction, but in the end, it just temporary, and it leaves you with uncapability to pay all the bills and credits.. In the end, PROBLEMS..
But what if, you can play your role well, a poor people acts like a poor people.. You will live a happy life, satisfy on anything that you have, you know your limit, and you only pay the bills that affordable to you.. See?

What if you are having two different roles that happened at same times, with huge probability they both are oppositing each other? ^^, i would say, first, which one is your priority to be done and played? Second, if you can’t decide, play them both with balance..
It will happen on the case, for example, mother who acts like a teenager.. A socialite mother, who need to expand her social networking, busy with her bussiness, sometimes hanging out with friends, working overtime, etc, and at the same time a role as a mother.. Well, She need to decide a priority between a socialite live or a mother, which one is important.. If the mother can’t decide, she has to play both of them with balance.. It isn’t proper to be done when your childs are neglected because of your like-teenager-socialite life..
The bottomline is, playing your role, whatever those are, well.. Do not unbalance them..

So, how can you maintain the consistency of playing your role well? and of course, you will not become something that you are not.. Well, i myself still stuggling to do it.. But, i think the solution will be :

1. Sincerity
The power to accept you as you are.. If you are capable on accepting youself as a poor people, i believe, you will act as a poor people, and will not, by any chance, acting like a wealthy person.. If you are capable on admit yourself as a mere security, you should play your role well, just act on what your job description told you to do, do not exaggerate it and act like you are a high-ranked soldier with arrogance, etc.. Sincerity is the power to accept yourself as yourself, that will result on a good-role-player.. ^^

2. Patience
If you are a customer service, and you dream you will be a boss someday, i suggest you not to act like one today.. Be patient, strive to the throne in a proper way, fight for it, and someday you will have the chance to act like a boss..

3, Dream
Dream is the power to believe that the role that you wish to play is accesible and possible to be obtained.. So keep dreaming, keep striving, and play your role well..

So, we have to make sure that every single role from ourselves are played well.. Although it is hard to do it, but it is not impossible.. Just remember the word, YOU CANNOT BE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT.. Cause when you acts like something that you are not, you are inviting problems and lies..

Let me add some words on it, something that i believe in.. YOU CANNOT BE SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE NOT.. BUT YOU CAN BE SOMETHING THAT YOU WILL TO BE.. ^^.. Just remember, be sincere, be patient, and keep dreaming..^^

You can’t be something you are not
Be yourself, by yourself, stay away from me

Song    : Walk
Artist     : Pantera
Album    : Vulgar Display of Power (1992)


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