God is Lonely : A Humanistic Approach

            Let’s say that He existed, and He created everything anything, He organized everything anything, and He is the one who decide and take action to destroy everything anything. Let’s say that He is the most powerful being that wasn’t made, but existed on His own. He is the source of all life, all energy, all emotion, and all madness. And let’s say He is beyond all knowledge.


            To understand God as an ultimate being with perspectives from a limited being like us, human, is nearly impossible, hard to be done. How can we understand something that we never see, touch, smell, hear, or taste, and the only way to reach it is by letting your heart believe blindly, something that we call it FAITH.. And somehow, something that we called FAITH kept telling us that, although we had no evidence of His existence, His presence is undeniable. And I, myself, also believe in God.


            But, somehow my mind is automatically criticize every single aspect of God’s existence, behavior, trait, and reaction on anything, that we can easily find in a history and write from the past times, something that we called Religion. The Bible, Al-Quran, Veda, and Holy Books from all religions that scattered all over the world, always have a single subjective portion on talking, defining, imaging, and story about the God, the defined and unexplainable being.


            Although, my knowledge is all limited, I have tried to gain a new perspective from the story from some Holy Books. Two that I’ve known quite well is Bible and Quran, which both share quite similarity on the content, on how God react and act on certain issues. From Bible, it’s clear that it does believe God created human similar to His image, so does Quran. And I conclude that what God mean as an “image” is not about something physically, but more a term on explaining how we created similar to Him, that we share all his knowledge, all his trait, all his behavior, all his emotion, and all his madness, but, in a lowest quality. We are the COPYCATS of God, and we were made and created this way.


            And when you start to think, that God is an OMNI-YOU, or I can say an OMNI-HUMAN being, that every single of His aspects are a thousand hundred times better than yours, you can finally arrive at one point, THE EASINESS TO UNDERSTAND GOD. We can finally see God no different than us, we can finally see God as a defined and explainable being, and we can see God share all the similarity with us.


            And we can finally try to understand God’s feeling.


            What would we, human, do when we are the most powerful being, that we existed on our own and we are the only one?

            The answer would the unbearable pain and loneliness. That although we can have and do anything in the universe, but we don’t have someone or something to be shared with. That the reason that we existed by ourselves and only us existed, bring such a terrible loneliness. We have no one to talk, we have no one to praise and to be praised, have no one to share, have no one to laugh, have no one to cry, and have no one to be friends.

            And what would you do, when you can make anything, but yet you end up lonely?

            Yes, you can easily create FRIENDS to accompany you, to fulfill the emptiness within you, to satisfy your ego, to gain something that you have wished for a long time.


And God created us for the same reason.


I am sympathy and felt pity for God. I can sense His need of attention, need of love, and need of friends. And somehow, it makes me believe that human were created to fulfill it. From some Holy Books, we can see that God isn’t all nice. Like human, He shares also the bad quality in him. We read that He feel angry when people deny His orders, we read that He feel so jealous when people turning their heart to the “Other God”, we read that He is uncontrolled and furious toward some societies when they don’t acknowledge him, and we read that He will do anything, including war, just to get people’s attention on Him. And believe it or not, those qualities are existed inside us, human, also.

So, let’s take God’s perspective to understand Him more, to understand all the reason, the psychological dynamic within Him, anything that motivate all of His acts. Let’s understand Him like human.

When we are the OMNI-BEING, when we are the strongest and most powerful being in Universe and we can create and destroy anything that we want to, disobedience is the fatal mistake to be done by the creature that we have created. What would we feel when we see something that we created suddenly acknowledge us no more, doesn’t love us anymore, disobedient, and hate us? Most of us answered Anger, Revenge, Punishment, and Vanish. And I believe that is what God felt and decided to act. I believe that God is so disappointed by human, the creature that He created to fulfill His emptiness and loneliness, and start to act and react.

Should we fear God because of it? No, all we have to do is see Him as a Friend, who needs a lot of attention and love. We have to understand that God never has a friend that equal to Him, with same degree of power and existence, so He will never know how to build friendship, even with human. God is building an ego that no different than a children. His thirst of love and attention is something that we need to understand. Have we ever asked ourselves why God created Eve to accompany Adam on Earth?

  1. This is the reflection of God’s need of partner and friendship, someone that an equal to Him. It reflects His need to have someone to share with, to talk with, to be with. Adam is God’s representative, and Eve represents His need.
  2. God is curios, experimenting, find answer to His own question. What would happen when two different equal creature interact? How fun it is? What will happen? How far they can make it? God want to know. And all of his curiosity of an equal friend represented on Adam and Eve’s existence.


Now, when we try to understand God, we know exactly, that God is no different than human. All we need to have is a will to understand.


            Some people would ask why God looked like He has retired from organizing the world like he used to be. I would say, God has arrived to one conclusion, that leaving human act and react each other, bad or good, is an interesting thing. And it would interest Him as long as the drama never ends.

            Some other questions popped up from people’s brain. What is truly the standard for God deciding what is good and what is bad? I do believe, that God put the standard of good and bad based on His dreams, His hope, His wish of a kind of relationship that He wants to have if He had an equal partner and friends. He wish that He and His partner kind to each other, never cheated, understand each other, love each other, and the will to sacrifice for each other. And from that dreams, God created the law, the standard of good and bad, and had human, who has an equal partner, to do the Law. And somehow, every single time we obedient the Law, it also pleases God. For God, it is like his own dream fulfilled.


What can we say more about God?

I would say, He is really an OMNI-HUMAN, that He feels, He acts, He reacts, He angry, He sad, He happy, He jealous, He dreams, He cry, like us, human.

It is not impossible to understand God.

It is not impossible to see God as a friend.

It is not impossible to respect God as a Creator, and yet, help Him fulfill his emptiness and loneliness.

It is not impossible to pleases God, fulfill his dream, by obedient to Law.


And when you know God is this close, you know you will never been far away.


Love God.

But, love humanity more,

Cause within humanity, God resides.




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